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Keyword Researcher : tools that generates long-tail keywords & organizes SEO Tools 2021

generates long-tail keywords

generates long-tail keywords

generates long-tail keywords

“Generates long-tail keywords” can help you find high-value Long-Tail Keywords from Google AutoComplete, organize CSV files from Google Keyword Planner, and create SEO-Optimized Articles for your website.

Have you ever thought about how to discover Long Tail Keywords for your website?
When you use Google, you may see a little drop-down box representing Google’s effort to anticipate what you’re going to write next.How to Use Keywords in Your Article 2021

What are long tail keywords?

Long-tail keywords are longer and more precise keyword phrases that visitors are more likely to employ when they are nearing a point of purchase or utilizing voice search.
They seem counter-intuitive at first, but they may be very useful if you know how to utilize them.

Consider this: if you offer antique furniture, chances are your pages will never show at the top of an organic search for “furniture” since there is too much competition (this is especially true if you are a smaller business or a startup).
However, if you specialize in, say, modern art-deco furniture, keywords like “contemporary Art Deco-influenced semi-circle lounge” would consistently bring you customers who are searching for precisely that product.

Managing long-tail keywords is just a question of improving communication between your company and the consumers who are already out there looking for what you have to offer.

Consider this: what are the odds that if you google the phrase “sofa” (a very wide keyword often referred to as a “head term”), you’ll wind up clicking through to a sale?
But if you Google “elm wood veneer day-bed,” you’ll find precisely what you’re searching for and are probably willing to pay for it right now.

Obviously, you’ll get less traffic from a long-tail term than from a more popular one, but the traffic you do get will be better: more focused, more dedicated, and more interested in your services.

For example, if I enter “How does a website…” into Google, it thinks I’m searching for:

How can a website generate revenue?
How does a website function?
What is the process through which a website determines my location?
How does a website server function?
What role does a website play in the success of a business?

These are some intriguing term

That is where Keyword Researcher comes into play!

generates long-tail keywords

Keyword Researcher is a simple tool for discovering keywords.
When enabled, it acts like a person, utilizing Google Autocomplete to enter millions of searches into Google.
When a partial phrase is submitted, Google attempts to guess what the whole word could be.
This forecast is just saved.
And, as it turns out, if you do this for each letter of the alphabet (A-Z), you’ll have hundreds of excellent Long Tail keyword phrases.

If you’ve ever used the famed Google Keyword Planner, you should try Keyword Researcher!
Also, prepare to say goodbye to the tedium of manually editing CSV files in complex Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

Internet Marketers created our application for Internet Marketers.

generates long-tail keywords

It was built from the bottom up to be an all-in-one SEO solution, allowing you to manage your keywords and website content.

Do you have to handle hundreds of keywords?
Do you need assistance creating SEO-friendly website articles?
Do you want to organize a whole SEO website?

Then continue reading and be ready to transform complicated keyword data into valuable knowledge.

We all recognize the importance of working with precise and concise keyword data as Internet Marketers.
If you’ve done any SEO at all, you’re already acquainted with the Google Keyword Planner—a fantastic Google keyword tool that generates many valuable keyword data.
It is the “starting point” for ANY internet SEO marketing strategy.

You’ve most likely obtained CSV files from the Keyword Planner and worked with them in a spreadsheet application such as Microsoft Excel.

Perhaps you’ve attempted to distinguish the excellent from the poor terms.
Maybe you’ve tried categorizing your keywords into logical categories.

Perhaps you’ve attempted to produce SEO-optimized papers for your website and discovered that cramming all of these keywords into your articles can be difficult.

And here is where the issue arises!

For years, I spent hours manually doing keyword research using different keyword tools.
This was consuming a lot of my precious time!
It takes an eternity to sort, divide, and make sense of a list of a thousand keywords.
Not to mention attempting to arrange this data into a succinct keyword research report that a customer would understand.

generates long-tail keywords

If you’ve ever tried to sort keyword data in Microsoft Excel for five minutes, you know how tough it can be to deal with extensive keyword lists!

A Keyword Researcher can transform a list of thousands of keywords into a workable SEO strategy.
We created it to help the whole SEO process go smoothly, from keyword creation to content publication and all in between.
We’ve attempted to consider every possibility!

Keyword Researcher is entirely free to use!
So, click the download button above to obtain the free trial version right now!