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Top Excellent travel blog ideas for beginners 2021

travel blog ideas for beginners

travel blog ideas for beginners

Excellent travel blog ideas for beginners

This travel blog ideas for beginners tutorial is geared toward creating a travel blog, but many tips may help you start any blog.
Stated, some things are the same while others are not.
So, let us begin with the essential issue that must be addressed.

Why should you create a travel blog?
There are many reasons why you should start on this adventure.
Naturally, like with any significant life decision, knowing your “why” is essential if you are to succeed.
This is what drives your motivation and keeps you going even when you are weary, and let’s be honest, and you may face several setbacks along the blog ideas for beginners

Still, nothing good comes easy, and being a successful travel blog ideas for beginners is no exception.
Here are some compelling arguments that will propel you to success.

You’d want to do it for yourself.

There is nothing wrong with starting a travel blog ideas for beginners and ultimately being successful and earning money from it.
Having this level of desire is very beneficial.
We all have goals and ambitions for how we want our life to be in the future.

This kind of job may be appropriate for you if you are an independent person who wants to accomplish everything on your own.
So, if you can’t picture your life without travel and want to do it while earning money in the future, this is the route you should blog ideas for beginners Awesome Keys to Effective Blogging 2021

The essential thing is that you are willing to work for yourself and not simply dream of being a travel blogger.
You will get there if you work hard enough.

You want to work in the tourist business.

Many individuals view travel blogging as a way to get into the tourism business.
Although this is a feasible approach, many individuals make a critical error from the outset.
Instead of considering what they can give the business, they are preoccupied with what they will get.

To get anything in return, you must first provide value, not the other way around.
Don’t be that blogger that contacts travel companies begging for accessible accommodations, etc.
Work on developing your blog and concentrating on yourself.
As you provide excellence, chances will present themselves on their own.

You wish to assist people.

It’s great to have the desire and accomplish all you’ve dreamed of in life via travel blogging, but if you believe you can make it all about yourself and succeed, you’re mistaken.
Travel blogging entails interacting with different communities and exchanging material, and learning from and working with one another.

You must interact with your audience, engage with other bloggers and influencers, and form partnerships with individuals in the tourist business.
This entails producing high-quality material that will educate, inspire, and amuse people while also being helpful to them in some manner.

All bloggers must be motivated to share their thoughts and strive to add value to people’s lives; this will keep them going even if they are not earning money.

What will you do as a travel blogger?

Many individuals have misunderstandings about what it means to be a blogger.
People, for example, believe that the only thing travel bloggers do is travel around the globe in exchange for discounts and complimentary services.
If it were so simple, everyone would do it, but there are many duties that bloggers do and devote the majority of their time to.

You will spend a significant amount of time in front of your computer.

A travel blogger is several things: a writer, editor, journalist, researcher, photographer, and so on.
Before you can do anything else, you’ll need to spend a lot of time researching locations, travel destinations, attractions, landmarks, restaurants, and hotels.
You will devote time to writing, editing pictures, interacting with others, scheduling events, and maintaining your blog.

Developing becoming a jack of all trades

Being self-sufficient entails doing everything on your own.
At least until you earn enough money to hire someone to help you with your job.
To create an actual travel blog, you will need to understand a little bit of everything.
Writing, photography, video editing, picture editing, marketing material, proposing ideas, establishing business contacts, and so on are all examples of this.

How do you know whether this is the perfect fit for you?

The first and most important requirement is that you like travel blog ideas for beginners.
If you are not interested in travel blog ideas for beginners, seeing new places, learning about new nations, exploring, and meeting new people, this is not the route for you.
Travel bloggers must be curious and open to new experiences to discover fascinating things to discuss and produce compelling material.

Many individuals travel twice a year and believe they can quickly become travel bloggers, but keep in mind that travel bloggers are always on the road and are always looking for inexpensive lodging and employment while travel blog ideas for beginners.
You must be adaptable and able to avoid being fixated on a particular location.

travel blog ideas for beginners as a blogger is not the same as taking a holiday.
As soon as you get there, you must concentrate on your job, adhere to a timetable, and ensure that you visit the places you have intended to see.

You won’t have much time to kick back, relax, and have fun.

There are obstacles you must conquer.

Travel blogging is a profession, and it is a difficult one.
As previously said, most people see the splendour and exotic places, but they are unaware of the hard labour that goes into them.
More importantly, the bloggers you like worked hard for years to attain their success, and it didn’t come suddenly.
Here are a few real-world challenges that travel bloggers face.

The competition is intense.

Many individuals like travel blog ideas for beginners and, consequently, want to be travel bloggers.
Furthermore, many believe it is simple to become one.
Even if individuals with this mentality do not produce successful blogs, others put in the effort and methodically develop their empire over time.

This means that there are many travel blogs out there, and it will be tough to create a name for yourself unless you contribute something unique to what your site has to offer.

There is no set wage.

Many individuals are used to having a set monthly income on which to base their goals.
This is not feasible when you first start as a travel writer, and even later on; you will often make various sums each month.
Blogging is more of an investment than a career at first.

It would be best if you spent in the development of your blog and go to various locations to contribute material to it.
This is how things may operate for a time, and unless you have a lot of money stored up in your bank account, you will have to learn to cope with your restricted resources.

You’ll have to figure out how to get over your writing blockages.

When you’ve figured out your travel blogging “gigs” and struck agreements with travel agencies, you’ll need to provide high-quality material regularly.
Stated, you will have deadlines that you must fulfil, just like any other employment.

Aside from needing to produce a lot of material, you will also have to travel and attempt to visit as many places as you can while studying about them so that you can provide something on your blog.

You will need to develop a thick skin.

It may be thrilling for you to begin your writing career, but you will quickly realize that things do not always go as smoothly as you want.
There will be many disappointments along the way, so be prepared to try again and again until you get your big break.

When you don’t know where to go next or what to attempt, it’s better to take a break for the day and clear your thoughts so you can start again tomorrow.

Identify your travel speciality.

Having a well-defined niche is highly essential, but it can also be quite irritating.
Many individuals have diverse travel interests and wish to speak about a wide range of topics.
However, this presents an issue since you will not develop an audience that will return to your site.

Stated, if you write about numerous travel elements on your blog without focusing on anything specific, you will end up with a lot of surface material and nothing unique and valuable.
Travel is a blogging speciality in and of itself, but you may further concentrate on the things you like and provide high-quality material.

You may discover your travel speciality by mixing travel with another element and concentrating on those items, such as:

Cooking and travel blog ideas for beginners
Festivals of music and travel
Travel and historical sites
Family holidays and travel
travel blog ideas for beginners and eating traditional foods
Fashion and travel

These are all distinct and specific travel blogging niches.
Choose one about which you are enthusiastic and where there is a definite audience eager for additional material.

Many individuals are concerned about how they will keep it interesting if they restrict themselves to one speciality; you will accomplish this if you are interested in what you are writing about and work hard.

Create a name for your travel blog.

The name of your blog is significant.
It will not only reflect your blog, but it will also be a part of your brand, assisting you in attracting more readers.
More significantly, you will always be able to modify and enhance different elements of your blog, but your name will remain forever, which is why you must consider it carefully.

All of the components must come together since the name of your blog will be very important in the future.
Here are the basics to consider while choosing a domain name for your travel blog:

The name should be short, straightforward, and easy to remember and spell.

It should be quite brief.

You should not contain any numbers or symbols.

The name of your blog should inform readers what it is about.

It should be distinctive.

Blogging: Let’s Get You Started

So, what exactly is the point of blogging?

First and foremost, let me inform you that blogging is a profitable business and that blogs are simple to start up and maintain.

Imagine being paid to write about topics that interest you whenever and wherever you choose!

Because of the freedom involved, you may maintain your blog at your speed. With Internet caf├ęs readily available worldwide, even your vacation won’t interfere with your blogging.

Or should I say: even your blogging will not interfere with your vacation?

Let’s look at the blog’s profitability in this post and then create our own for free!


Continue reading!

First and foremost, you must create a blog.

There are many choices, including hosting a blog on your domain or obtaining a free one.

Let us begin with the free blogs.

You may get one at or the more recent (and better!)

WordPress is a powerful and endlessly extensible free blog engine.

Because Google owns a blogger, it will be discovered quicker by Google’s radar, and you will be indexed more rapidly., on the other hand, is a relatively new choice. Therefore I have no comparison on the speed with which search engines index it.

On the other hand, WordPress is superior in that it has more sophisticated features like Trackbacks and Categories.

You can also better organize your sidebar links (more about this later).

Create a free blog at Blogger or WordPress.

Then, acquaint yourself by posting your first blog post and experimenting with the settings and layouts.

Here are some terms to add to your blogging vocabulary:

Permalink: Permalink is an abbreviation for permanent link, a URL (Uniform Resource Locator) that links to a particular post on your site.

Trackback: When you comment on someone else’s blog article, your comment will appear in their “trackback” area.

However, this functionality is not accessible with a Blogger account.

Pinging: Pinging appears to be discussed nearly every time blogging is addressed today.

Pinging is the activity of notifying a specific aggregator whenever your blog is updated so that the aggregator may display the most recent post from your blog on their website.

This is an excellent method to get visitors, and I’ll go over it in more detail later.


Next, consider the kind of material that is appropriate for your site to make it lucrative.

You must realize that there is no set scope for your blog, which means you may write about anything that interests you.

Remember that the difference between a lucrative and a non-profitable blog is the manner you write.

Which would you instead read: your university professor’s lecture notes or your favourite author’s newest novel?

The majority of the time, people choose to read “light” things.

When people visit your site, they are searching for content that they can readily obtain and information that is easily accessible.

So, to attract more visitors and keep your existing readers coming back for more, it’s critical to personalize your blog articles.

This may be accomplished by picturing yourself conversing with a close buddy.

A wonderful sense of humour would be an added benefit for your readers, so attempt to include humorous remarks in your articles when appropriate.

Another thing to remember is to avoid addressing your reader as a plural unit.

Don’t write as if you’re going to give a speech.

Instead, write as though you’re discussing with a single person, an equal buddy, since this will allow your reader to connect to you more readily.

Aside from that, it’s a great way to create your own identity via your words.

We’re inherently curious animals, so your visitors will want to know as much about you as they do about the information you’re providing them.

Having a unique personality in your blog will create a world of difference between your gadget blog and all of the other gadget blogs out there.

This is similar to establishing your brand name, where people remember your blog’s name when they need information on gadgets, similar to how people think of McDonald’s for fast food or Nike for sportswear.

The following time, there will be more on the topic of content.

When word spreads about your blogging prowess, people who need to know about blogging will actively seek you out!