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Why is Xi Jinping cracking down on everyone? 2021

Why is Xi Jinping cracking down on everyone?

Why is Xi Jinping cracking down on everyone?
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Why is Xi Jinping cracking down on everyone? , A long time ago the chin dynasty ruled china they joined a series of fortifications to make one grand structure today we call it the great wall of china why was it built to protect the people of china they were told also to exert control on them how by forcing them to build that wall peasants slaves rebels they were all forced into construction in the name of

Prosperity soldiers were sent to ensure they performed as they were instructed this was the beginning of a practice that lasted for centuries emperors and dynasties followed they enhanced the walls design they added to its grandeur and utilized the same tools
oppression and tyranny now china has a new emperor he too has captivated his people into a fantasy of empire building and he too resorts to

to achieve this goal he makes a fresh attack every week in the guise of delivering prosperity he speaks of shared prosperity and renewal that’s a sales pitch and he’s killing livelihoods and lives in the process hello and welcome to gravitas plus
I’m palki Sharma
in October 2020 Chinese authorities ordered the ant group to halt its 37 billion dollar IPO the company’s owner jack ma vanished

He remained untraceable for three months then in February 2021 a web of new rules by the communist party wiped out one trillion dollars from Chinese tech stocks a trillion in July
china’s largest ride-hailing service didi was banned from all app stores in the nation in august china’s private education sector a multi-billion dollar company was devastated overnight by a ban on private tuition in September
china’s national curriculum

Was appended textbooks were rewritten to match the president’s vision xi jinping’s thought a political doctrine that was introduced in schools then china went after ever grand its largest real estate developer it was subjected to a series of probes today evergrand is struggling to pay billions in debt the crackdown extended to entertainment
china prohibited reality programs inspired by

The west and influencers who were quote unquote considered too feminine also hit was the online gaming business games were required to reflect a proper set of values then came personality cults like zarway one of china’s richest actresses with millions of adoring followers
beijing had her movies and press references deleted from the internet as if she never existed all these crackdowns have led

Observers investors and literally anyone with a stake in the chinese economy to ask a very pertinent question what on earth is going on beijing has a new target every week from capitalist enterprises to real estate developers from tech titans to private tutors from gaming companies to tv shows from celebrities to quote unquote effeminate influencers no one is being spared in china the crackdowns are both striking and

Significant they point to a structural rectification the ccp is tightening the screw on every sector and element of life it’s redrawing the fundamental limits of business and society in china what explains this
the paranoia of one guy
xi jinping a leader motivated by the desire for control a guy who wants to portray himself as a savior
xi jinping has frequently been likened to mao zedong the founder

Of the chinese communist party someone who functioned like a demigod mao ravaged his country in pursuit of communist ideals and yet he commanded respect and adoration from the masses no chinese leader has ever commanded the same kind of respect of following not until xi jinping since coming to power in 2012 he has consolidated his control on the ccp solidified his whole over the country some say he’s even outshone mao zedong

Just look at how powerful he is right now he heads all major institutions of power from the party to the presidency to national security to the military he is literally the chairman of all things in china his name and ideology is enshrined in china’s constitution his power is absolute his ambitions quite dreadful under xi jinping we’re seeing the rise of a paranoid superpower one that wants to eliminate all perceived threats

And this paranoia can be traced to xi jinping’s writings take this 2017 party publication for example where he wrote and i’m quoting as the world’s largest party no external force can defeat us only we can defeat ourselves we should stay alert of factors that could weaken our party’s pioneering nature otherwise small problems will grow into big ones minor slips will escalate into an irreversible landslide probably even leading to broader and subversive

Catastrophe today this heightened danger sense motivates every every move that china makes both domestically and internationally the geopolitical jousting with its neighbors
the intrusions in the south china sea the naval aggressiveness in the indo-pacific
the border provocations in ladakh the bullying actions towards taiwan the erasing of tibetan identity the persecution of uighurs in xinjiang the cleansing of political opponents and now a crackdown

On the rich and the influential all of this is being driven by xi jinping’s paranoia and insecurity he wants control and he also wants to fulfill some prophecies you see when the foundation of the communist party was laid its leaders set out two centennial goals goal number one they envisioned china as a moderately prosperous society by 2021.
this commemorates 100 years of the ccp’s founding objective number two they envisioned china as a

Global hegemon by 2049 which marks the 100th anniversary of the people’s republic of china shortly after his election in 2012 xi jinping called for his party to return to this mission and to achieve the two centennial goals he unleashed an avalanche of change aimed at seeking rejuvenation and common prosperity these two catchwords they’re tugged in every decision he takes the

Ccp follows them like a chant they’re intertwined into every state policy what do they even mean in the chinese context the word rejuvenation embodies xi jinping’s main goal develop his country into a genuine global powerhouse command the world’s respect that’s what he wants
common prosperity on the other side is about making the lives of every chinese

Citizen happier safer healthier
it basically means increasing the pie and splitting the pie in reality it means stealing the wealthy to feed the poor now that seems like a great goal except that it’s not
xi jinping is not robin hood robin hood was an outlaw
xi jinping is the law he cannot be plundering his people he cannot be going after individuals and organizations that grow too strong or

Rich that he thinks must be tamed that is not social justice that is power consolidation also how did these people become rich and powerful they are the products of china’s hybrid communism for decades the communist party upheld capitalism it promoted what is called trickle-down economics it believed that allowing some people to make money is going to benefit

All in fact in 1978 deng xiaoping the then leader of china said on record that china had no choice but to let some people get rich first so much for communism so why is the state going after them now because nothing else is working the belt and road is failing the economy is under stress there is a power crunch there is a shortage of chips and to top it all the wahan virus has poisoned the world

China’s policy of zero tolerance has left it friendless tourist hospitality retail industries they’re all struggling in china
xi jinping is experiencing numerous setbacks and he’s blaming all of this on the wealthy and famous in china he wants to harvest the riches of the elite to gain the allegiance of the poor we told you about jack ma the founder of alibaba he once used to be the poster child of china’s technological ascent

Today he’s public enemy number one how did that happen because he dared to criticize the system in october last year jack ma called china’s financial system a pawn shop that lacked innovation beijing slapped his company with a 3.7 billion dollar fine accusing him of breaching anti-monopoly laws hardly a day has gone by in recent months without the news of a fresh crackdown in china 10 cent evergrand

Meituan kanzun complete truck alliance
the list continues growing larger and nobody dares to complain the threat of persecution is enough to keep everyone in line
memories of failed political revolutions are still alive in the thoughts of chinese they’re handed down to the present generation as whispered warnings the people of china have struck an unwritten deal of sorts with their government the government offers a good existence to

Anyone who works hard and in return they keep out of politics they stay quiet when billionaires are imprisoned look aside when houses are forcibly destroyed and ignore protestors who climb roofs in china
george orwell’s prophecies have come true his dystopian screenplay is playing out as reality how long will this reality endure

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